Ear Services at Georgetown ENT

We treat ear conditions such as chronic ear infections, swimmer's ear and any kind of skin condition within the ear. We also have a whole separate sister company, Georgetown Better Hearing, that handles hearing and audiology conditions and handles hearing aid sales. 

Audiology Services

Hearing and Balance Center

The Georgetown Hearing and Balance Center is meant to treat both adults and children for all hearing loss issues and conditions relating to the inner ear. 

 Hearing Aids

Georgetown Better Hearing handles the sale of hearing aids, with help from our audiologist, Dr. Abeda Mueed. The center also handles comprehensive audiology and balance testing.

Ear Conditions and Procedures

 Ear Tubes

Ear tube placement is common in children, but can also be used as treatment for adults. Ear tubes help prevent chronic ear infections, which can lead to hearing loss, behavioral problems and more.