Allergy Symptom Relief in Round Rock TX

The Allergy and Sinus Center at Georgetown ENT was established to diagnose and treat adult and pediatric patients that are suffering from allergy and sinus disorders.  Dr. Franklin has completed a fellowship program sponsored by the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (AAOA); therefore, he has a unique perspective on the treatment of allergy and sinus disease.

Dr. Franklin offers a full diagnosis for allergies through in-office testing and evaluations, and can follow up with multiple forms of treatment.

Allergy evaluations and in office skin testing are performed to determine the patient's allergies. Allergy therapies offered include medical management using traditional immunotherapy (shots) as well as sublingual (under the tongue) allergy drops. 

Allergy Testing & Evaluation

Dr. Franklin offers a variety of tests, including skin testing, to evaluate allergic reactions to specific allergens. All tests are done in-office.

Allergy Treatment

Allergy treatment depends on on each case. Treatments can range from traditions immunotherapy (allergy shots) to allergy drops.

Pollen/Allergy Calendar

View this "pollen calendar" to see when certain allergens are more common in Georgetown, TX so you can access what allergy you may have, and also what to avoid.

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